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Dr. Katherine Wurst
Your Marietta Chiropractor

A Speedy Recovery after a Fall 

I have had back problems for a number of years; however, a specific event made things much worse.  I fell after seeing a movie, in a dark parking lot.  I couldn’t see that I had to step off a curb, so I stepped into the air and fell forward.  My daughter and husband caught me when they realized that I was falling but not before I hit my right knee very hard and my left knee on the concrete.  The fall had so much momentum that my entire body was affected.  I went home to ice both my knees and back.  I alternated a hot bath and ice the rest of the day and took anti-inflammatory medicine. 

I saw Dr. Wurst the next day.  I noticed some pain relief almost immediately after the first appointment.  The difference between the times it took to relieve the pain this time versus the traditional medical approach, followed with physical therapy was most noticeable.  I was able to continue working and taking care of myself with almost no interruption.

I followed up a short time later for another adjustment.  Two weeks later, I was still fine!

Thank you Dr. Wurst!


I came to see Dr Wurst at Marietta Square Chiropractic Clinic because I had "functionally uneven hips" that were causing uncomfortable tingling.

I had no previous care or chiropractic experience but it was easy, painless and it worked!

It took a couple adjustments before I noticed a difference but with semi-regular adjustments, everything is now fine.

The funny thing is that Dr Wurst also adjusted my neck and wrist and I've noticed such an improvement there too.  I had no idea!

With smart phones and so much reading & writing & typing in school, I was having trouble putting pressure on my wrist.  I thought, "why not ask about adjusting it like my hips?"  After the adjustment, it immediately felt so much better.  I even did pushups the next day!

Christine G, College Student

I have scoliosis, which causes my left trapezius muscle to knot up periodically.  When the muscle knots up, nothing relieves the pain until I can see Dr. Wurst.

This condition has gone on for several years.  If I don’t work in my yard, do heavy housework or lift heavy objects, etc., I probably wouldn’t have problems with my shoulder.  However, I need to live life and do things I enjoy and need to do. 

When my shoulder does knot up, I obtain much improvement after my initial chiropractic adjustment.  It may take anywhere from 2-6 visits to obtain normal function depending on the severity of my problem at the time.  I just know from experience that I need to see Dr. Wurst right away for her to adjust my spine so I can resume my busy lifestyle.

With [Chiropractic], the positive changes in my life are most definitely noticed!  When you are not dealing with pain, you feel good as a whole.  You can enjoy life!

Dr. Wurst is a very kind and caring chiropractor.  She truly cares about what is going on with you and your body.  She’s the BEST!

Cindy H.

For the past eight years, I have been having lower back and hip pain.  My previous care plan included exercise, massage therapy as well as surgery.

After less than a week of Chiropractic care, I noticed improvement!

One of the most positive changes in my health included a more sound sleep.  The chronic pain left me completely!  I also noted improvement with walking and sitting.

I have been so relieved since I have been treated by Dr. Katherine Wurst.  I am AMAZED at the speed of my recovery!

EIGHT YEARS of chronic pain has been alleviated!

Deborah G

For sometime, I had been having headaches, tingling in my arms and legs, involuntary muscle twitching, overall weakness and fatigue.  My internist referred me to a neurologist.    After an MRI and multiple blood tests (all of which were normal), the neurologist prescribed strong medications for pain and I was told that the medications would ‘melt my pain away’.  After reading about the medicine the doctor prescribed, I decided not to take it based on the list of possible side effects and drug dependencies.  However, based on the severity of my symptoms, I knew that I needed help but wasn’t sure where to turn.  Several family members mentioned their positive success with chiropractic care and suggested that I consult one.

After a couple of appointments, I had noticeable improvement with how I felt.  My headaches went away and my muscle twitches and tingling sensations subsided.  Dr. Wurst had me do some homework to improve my posture at work, especially when sitting in front of the computer.  She also had me do some home exercises to supplement the chiropractic adjustments.  [An added bonus: Regular adjustments even improved his acid reflux.]

Now, I feel better than I have in years and thank Dr. Wurst for truly caring how I feel and helping improve my overall health.  I have now referred my entire family to her!


I’ve suffered from scoliosis and migraines for years. 

When I lived in Florida, I was in a back brace to try and correct my curve—it was semi-successful.  When I moved to Georgia, I started coming to Dr. Wurst to get adjusted.  The effects were immediate!  The pains in my back and neck went away and so have my migraines.

Kylie T.

My (daredevil) youngest son, (20 months), took a tumble down a flight of stairs.  I knew that I wanted to have him seen by Dr. Wurst as soon as possible to make sure he wasn’t out of alignment.  (I have always been a believer in chiropractic care).

Unrelated (or so I thought), he hadn’t been sleeping well for a couple of weeks.  He was teething and having a difficult time getting comfortable enough to settle down.  He had gone from a good, self-soothing sleeper to a toddler who had to be rocked to sleep for every nap and nighttime. Yikes!!!

Dr. Wurst very patiently and gently examined him.  No surprise—he was quite a bit out of alignment.  She adjusted my wiggly little man quickly and easily.  She then said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he slept better after this adjustment—kids often do.”  I didn’t say so to Dr. Wurst, but I thought, “Not a chance—it’s the teething that’s keeping him from sleeping.”

Well, we went home and I immediately put him down for his afternoon nap.  He went right to sleep without as much as a whimper.  And he’s been sleeping fine ever since.

Thanks, Dr. Wurst, for taking such good care of my family!

Leanne W.

For about 7 days, I had numbness and muscle spasms in my left arm.  I was experiencing a lot of discomfort when I called Dr. Wurst’s office to ask about an appointment.  I described my symptoms and when I told her how uncomfortable I was, Dr. Wurst offered to stay late—even though her office hours were just ending—and wait for me to get from my office downtown to her office in Marietta. 

I noticed improvement and a difference within a couple of days of my first treatment.   One positive result:  “I sit at a computer all day and I’ve noticed that my neck and shoulders are less stiff”.  {Editor note:  Stacy has been a ‘star pupil’!}

Dr. Wurst and her staff couldn’t be nicer and I’ve gotten such good care from them.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Stacy H.

Extreme neck and shoulder pain prevented my enjoyment of quality sleep.  Emotional stressors from the loss of some significant family members and cancer in others only caused to make this problem multiply.  For quite some time I had these problems, but it was worsening with the stress of dealing with my family’s illnesses and loss.  I tend to ‘carry’ my stress in the neck/shoulder region.  Previously I tried stretching exercises. I couldn’t take strong pain medications or muscle relaxants and still function so I never tried them.  Tylenol and Motrin ‘were my friends’.

Two weeks after receiving Chiropractic care, I noticed that I wasn’t requiring to rest in the afternoon to take the strain off my neck.  I noticed that my sleep improved and I didn’t ache in the mornings from rolling over into a position that caused pain in my sleep. 

I had never been a ‘pill-taker’ but I had been regularly downing generic Motrin and Tylenol to get through the day and sleep at night.  I can’t remember the last time I took either!  Also, an added plus:  my seasonal allergies have improved!

Annette C.

When I moved to Marietta, it was a challenge to find a chiropractor I could trust after going to the same chiropractor in Atlanta for over ten years.  Many years of heavy sports practice have left a toll on my body.  Also, my business in video production requires me to carry a heavy camera on the shoulder for hours or days in a row, followed by periods of editing usually sitting on the edge of my chair is very inductive to back pain.

Dr. Wurst has always taken care of me when I needed it!  She not only adjusts my body so my aches go away, but she also explained to me the right stretching and exercises to do to prevent those recurring problems.

Recently she also fixed a sinus problem with an adjustment to my neck.

Richard V.S.

Prior to coming to Marietta Square Chiropractic Clinic, I was suffering from constant pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back.  I was also dealing with severe headaches.  These symptoms had persisted for 1- 2 years.   I had no prior medical treatment except for therapeutic massage to ease the pain.

I noticed improvement under Dr. Wurst’s care almost immediately.  After several visits, I realized I was not in pain anymore and felt great.  I had forgotten how it felt to feel good!

Dr. Katherine Wurst spent time getting to know me and encouraged me that I could find relief from the pain.  I am thankful for her and the positive experience I have had with Chiropractic care.

Beth W.

Improved by a “Real Perfectionist”!

Ever since a sailing accident approximately 15 years ago, I had experienced numbness radiating from my head down my neck to my shoulder. I also had a grinding sound when I turned my neck.  My accident care included a total CT scan of my head, which indicated: “nothing out of order”.  This is something I thought I had to live with. 

I am an active senior and work out daily lifting weights, etc.  However, after 4 weeks of having snapping and popping in my neck, neck tension and lower back pain, my daughter insisted I see Dr. Wurst.

After just 3 sessions, I noticed a remarked improvement.  Another plus, there is a high improvement in my sleeping habits.

I consider Dr. Wurst a real perfectionist (as well as a good friend!).

Lt. Colonel- US Army, Retired

Recently I ventured into Marietta Square Chiropractic Clinic for the first time, in tears, after a day and night of tremendous neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Wurst quickly diagnosed my issues and began to work on straightening me out!

We were commencing well, when I suffered a fall a few weeks later, which not only affected my neck, but also rendered me with a sprained ankle and horribly bruised face and black eye. Dr. Wurst stayed on top of the adjustments, making me feel so much better, and recommended Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatments, which helped immensely with the bruising and inflammation, thereby speeding up the recovery time considerably.

She and her staff have gone beyond any normal level of professional care to tend to me, make me feel welcome and cared for, and make sure my recovery has been quick and kind.

Cannot believe it took me such pain and so many years to find my way into her office, just around the corner!! And, I am so happy I know her now!!

Thea B.


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  • "I’ve suffered from scoliosis and migraines for years.

    When I lived in Florida, I was in a back brace to try and correct my curve—it was semi-successful. When I moved to Georgia, I started coming to Dr. Wurst to get adjusted. The effects were immediate! The pains in my back and neck went away and so have my migraines."
    Kylie T.